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Album Reviews : May 25th to May 31st 2003

Artist Album Reviewer
Andrew W.K.I Get Wet Peter Ross
The BuzzcocksA Different Kind of Tension Guy Peters
The ByrdsMr. Tambourine Man John McFerrin
The ByrdsTurn! Turn! Turn! John McFerrin
Captain BeefheartMirror Man Adrian Denning
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk Adrian Denning
Captain BeefheartStrictly Personal Adrian Denning
George CarlinClass Clown Guy Peters
Johnny CashAmerican III: Solitary Man Scott Floman
CatapillaCatapilla Obscurity!
Cave InAntenna Jack Feeny
Cave InCreative Eclipses EP Jack Feeny
Cave InJupiter Jack Feeny
Cave InTides of Tomorrow Jack Feeny
DelgadosHate Disclaimer: Will
Neil DiamondDiamond's And Gold Fyfeopedia
Ani DifrancoDilate Adrian Denning
Ani DifrancoLiving In Clip Adrian Denning
Dylan, BobInfidels Ben Kramer
Dylan, BobReal Live Ben Kramer
Dylan, BobShot of Love Ben Kramer
EmpireMark II Obscurity!
Flaming LipsFight Test EP Disclaimer: Will
The Flower KingsUnfold The Future MJA : Nick Karn
Gabriel, PeterEntire Catalogue Ben Kramer
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III Adrian Denning
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV Adrian Denning
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment 2 Peter Ross
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment Peter Ross
Toby MacMomentum Fyfeopedia
Marilyn MansonThe Golden Age Of Grotesque Adrian Denning
Mates of StateMy Solo Project Disclaimer: Will
Mates of StateOur Constant Concern Disclaimer: Will
Charles MingusPithecanthropus Erectus Guy Peters
The MuffsAlert Today, Alive Tomorrow SU: Neal
The MuffsHamburger SU: Neal
Ozzy OsbourneBlizzard Of Ozz Scott Floman
Ozzy OsbourneDiary Of A Madman Scott Floman
Henry RollinsDrive by Shooting Guy Peters
Henry RollinsHot Animal Machine Guy Peters
Henry RollinsSweatbox Guy Peters
SantanaAbraxas Scott Floman
SantanaSantana Scott Floman
SantanaSantana III Scott Floman
SlayerDiabolus in Musica Guy Peters
StyxStyx II Peter Ross
StyxStyx Peter Ross
Various ArtistsLocusts, Roaches and Ants Guy Peters
The Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground MJA : Casey Brennan
The WalkmenEveryone Who Pretended to Like Me... Disclaimer: Will
WeenThe Pod MJA : Nick Karn
The WhoJoin Together CapnMarvel
The WhoThe Kids Are Alright CapnMarvel
The WhoTwo's Missing CapnMarvel
The WhoWho's Missing CapnMarvel
John ZornMore News for Lulu Guy Peters

notes :  01/06/03
Everything comes to those who don't wait, but ask instead. So please check out the all new
Web Reviewing Community Forum!. In other news, Ben Kramer returns after a lengthy absence, Capn Marvel
continues to amaze and delight and remain both dignified and brilliant at the same time. If you know what I mean. Enjoy!

Album Reviews : May 18th to May 24th 2003

Artist Album Reviewer
Blur Leisure Scott Floman
Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish Scott Floman
Blur Parklife Scott Floman
Blur The Great Escape Scott Floman
Blur Blur Scott Floman
Blur 13 Scott Floman
Blur The Best Of Blur Scott Floman
Bon Jovi Bounce Peter Ross
Bon Jovi Crush Peter Ross
Bon Jovi One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001 Peter Ross
Bon Jovi These Days Peter Ross
Bon Jovi Cross Road Peter Ross
Bon Jovi Keep The Faith Peter Ross
Bon Jovi New Jersey Peter Ross
Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic Adrian Denning
Flaming Lips Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Adrian Denning
The Gathering Almost A Dance MJA : Nick Karn
Ed Harcourt Here Be Monsters Daniel Fjall
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden MJA : Nick Karn
Iron Maiden Killers MJA : Nick Karn
The Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall Scott Floman
The Jayhawks Tomorrow The Green Grass Scott Floman
MC5 Babes in Arms Jack Feeny
Meat Puppets Up On The Sun MJA : Nick Karn
Mike Oldfield Crises Adrian Denning
Mike Oldfield Five Miles Out Adrian Denning
Pearl Jam Binaural Adrian Denning
Pearl Jam Riot Act Adrian Denning
Elvis Presley The Sun Collection Adrian Denning
Radiohead Kid A Daniel Fjall
Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street Daniel Fjall
Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out Daniel Fjall
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed Daniel Fjall
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Daniel Fjall
Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet Daniel Fjall
Squeeze East Side Story John Schlegel
Van Halen Van Halen Brad Holmes
Van Halen 1984 Brad Holmes
Van Halen 5150 Brad Holmes
Van Halen Balance Brad Holmes
Van Halen Diver Down Brad Holmes
Van Halen Fair Warning Brad Holmes
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Brad Holmes
Van Halen OU812 Brad Holmes
Van Halen Van Halen II Brad Holmes
Van Halen Van Halen Brad Holmes
Van Halen Women And Children First Brad Holmes
Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat MJA : Casey Brennan
Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground And Nico MJA : Casey Brennan
The Who Face Dances CapnMarvel
The Who It's Hard CapnMarvel
The Who Who Are You CapnMarvel
The Who Who By Numbers CapnMarvel
Within Temptation Enter MJA : Nick Karn
Within Temptation Mother Earth MJA : Nick Karn

notes :  25/05/03
  WRC Updates is listening to Iron Maiden 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' as we speak, so enjoys very much the couple
of Iron Maiden reviews Music Junkies Anonymous thoughtfully provided us with this week. Otherwise, George Starostin's
updates can be found here, which i'm mentioning for the very last time in the absence of his presence on this page, otherwise.

Album Reviews : May 11th to May 17th 2003

Artist Album Reviewer
10cc Deceptive Bends Daniel Fjall
Ayreon Flight Of The Migrator MJA : Nick Karn
Blur 13 Adrian Denning
Blur Blur Adrian Denning
Blur Leisure Adrian Denning
Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish Adrian Denning
Blur Park Life Adrian Denning
Blur The Great Escape Adrian Denning
Blur Think Tank Adrian Denning
Bon Jovi 7800 Fahrenheit Peter Ross
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Peter Ross
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Peter Ross
Buckethead Monsters and Robots Guy Peters
Deep Purple Come Taste the Band Obscurity!
Duran Duran Decade Scott Floman
Bob Dylan Empire Burlesque Adrian Denning
Empire Mark I Obscurity!
Extreme 20th Century Masters Peter Ross
Extreme An Accidental Collocation Of Atoms? Peter Ross
Extreme Extreme Peter Ross
Extreme III Sides To Every Story Peter Ross
Extreme Pornograffitti Peter Ross
Extreme Waiting For The Punchline Peter Ross
The Guess Who The Best Of The Guess Who Scott Floman
Hummingbird Diamond Nights Obscurity!
Jethro Tull Nightcap John McFerrin
King Crimson The Power to Believe John McFerrin
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Adrian Denning
Paul McCartney Driving Rain Scott Floman
Paul McCartney Ram Scott Floman
The Muffs Blonder and Blonder SU: Neal
The Muffs Happy Birthday to Me SU: Neal
The Muffs The Muffs SU: Neal
Nomeansno One Down and Two to Go Guy Peters
Pink Floyd The Wall Steve And Abe
Procol Harum Live in Concert with the Edmonton... John McFerrin
Queens of the Stone Age R Guy Peters
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf Guy Peters
The Rascals Once Upon a Dream Steve And Abe
The Rascals Time Peace Steve And Abe
Ride Nowhere Adrian Denning
Sonny Sharrock Guitar Scott Floman
Slayer Divine Intervention Guy Peters
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss Guy Peters
Slayer South of Heaven Guy Peters
Slayer Undisputed Attitude Guy Peters
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Steve And Abe
Bruce Springsteen Live 1975 - 1985 Daniel Fjall
Star One Space Metal MJA : Nick Karn
The Strokes Is This It? Daniel Fjall
T. Rex Futuristic Dragon MJA : Casey Brennan
Pete Townshend White City John McFerrin
The Turtles Battle Of The Bands MJA : Casey Brennan
Various Artists Not the Same Old Blues Crap Guy Peters
Whiskeytown Pneumonia Daniel Fjall
The White Stripes Elephant Jack Feeny
The Who A Quick One CapnMarvel
The Who Isle Of Wight 1970 CapnMarvel
The Who Live at Leeds CapnMarvel
The Who Magic Bus CapnMarvel
The Who Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy CapnMarvel
The Who Odds and Sods CapnMarvel
The Who Quadrophenia CapnMarvel
The Who Sell Out CapnMarvel
The Who Tommy CapnMarvel
The Who Who's Next CapnMarvel
Wilco Being There Daniel Fjall
John Zorn Spy vs. Spy Guy Peters
John Zorn Kristallnacht Guy Peters
John Zorn The Big Gundown Guy Peters

notes :  18/05/03
  Capn Marvel continues to review The Who and gets as far as the mighty 'Who's Next' , 'Quad', 'Odds and Sods' - etc, etc.
Ah, what else? Well, Peter Ross reviews an alarming number of Extreme albums, but that's okay. John McFerrin returns
from server difficulties, Guy reviews the very quiet Slayer and Adrian reviews the totally democratic Blur. Enjoy!

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